Miyazaki Hayao Receives the Kawakita Award

Miyazaki Hayao,  Studio Ghibli co-founder and anime director has been appointed by The Kawakita Memorial Film Institute as the recipient of the 38th annual Kawakita Award on August 26th 2020.

The award is named Kawakita in honor of the late film producer Kawakita Nagamasa, his wife Kashiko, and daughter Tawako. The award is given to individuals whose work contributes greatly to developing the arts and culture of Japanese cinema, or opens the door to international exchange through film.

Kawakita Memorial Film Institute stated, Miyazaki was awarded an award for his films that continue to move and inspire generations of people to dream, and gain recognition both in Japan and abroad.

Academy Award-nominated anime director Yamamura Koji received the 30th Kawakita Award in 2012, and is the first animator to receive the award.

Currently Miyazaki is directing the film Kimi-tachi wa Dō Ikiru ka (How Do You Live?). Studio Ghibli producer Suzuki Toshio reports that the film was approximately 15% completed at the end of October last year, after three and a half years of production.

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