Prince of Persia Remake Will Appear When Ubisoft Forward [RUMORS]

Prince of Persia is a legendary game and one that is quite memorable for the old players. Then the game series from Ubisoft has not released their sequel since the completion of the Prince Of Persia The Forgotten Sands series in 2010 on the Ps3 Platform, Xbox 360.

But now it looks like Ubisoft is starting to revive the Prince Of Persia series, because earlier in August there was a leak that Prince Of Persia would get their latest version of the Remake which was leaked through an E-commerce website called where they sell a game that is named Prince Of Persia Remake. But now it can’t be found anymore.

Leaks about the Prince of Persia series are now reinforced by the arrival of a rumor from several “insiders” who claim that Prince Of Persia will be announced at the Ubisoft event called Ubisoft Forward on September 10. Quoted from Bloomberg presented by Jason Schreier, Ubisoft also plans to provide several games, one of which is Prince Of Persia on September 10 at the Ubisoft Forward Event.

However, until now, Ubisoft has not given any signal or a teaser about the presence of one of the games that have this legendary series. So we’ll just wait on the 10th at the Ubisoft Forward event, whether Ubisoft will release this game or not, so we’ll just wait.

Considering several leaked sources like the one above, it seems for a while if the leak is true, Playstation and Switch users will be happy, because the leak is labeled for the Playstation and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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