Xbox Series S Physical Form

After Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X last year, there is one console that has yet to see its original appearance, namely the Xbox Series S. The console itself has been rumored but has not been confirmed further. But finally, we get to see the true appearance of the Xbox Series S.

This is the appearance of the Xbox Series S which has been circulating in rumors since 2 years ago. Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s next-gen console series which is cheaper than Xbox Series X. The design they use is very elegant with a white theme along with a cooling stand that stands upright in front of the console. The listed price is $ 299. This price is still not further confirmed, but many figures in the gaming industry have dropped in response to this leak.

One of the things we can confirm is Daniel Ahmad (Senior Anayst Niko Partners) confirming that the appearance of the Xbox Series S is genuine, but the price listed is subject to change.

One notable thing is the lack of disc drive in the Series S, to keep costs down. It’s very much a console that will allow people to jump in from day 1 at a low cost. Rather than have to wait for price drops. Makes sense when you consider Game Pass / xCloud pairing.

Windows Central also provides leaked prices for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S along with their release dates. The Xbox Series X will cost around $ 499 and the Xbox Series S will be around $ 299. Both consoles will be released on November 10, 2020. Microsoft has yet to step in on this price leak, but it is possible that they will announce both consoles this month.

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