Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 Update: The Hunt

Season 9 which is the biggest update from COD Mobile has ended, replaced with Season 10 which is waiting. With the title On The Hunt with the theme of forests and trees, Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile is here today. Of course there will be a lot of content that will be present in Season 10, so what is this content?

New Weapon: Echo

Echo or Origin 12 is a Shotgun from Modern Warfare 2019. Because it has a Semi Auto Mode, this Shotgun is effective for eliminating enemies in the Short and Medium ranges without having to fear being killed because of the delay from each shot. Players can get Echo after increasing Tier Battle Pass Season 10.

New Multiplayer Map: Terminal

After the teaser map that appeared earlier, finally we all answered our curiosity. The guess from the Call of Duty community itself turned out to be very accurate, the new map that will appear in Season 10 is Terminal. Terminal is also a popular map among Call of Duty Veterans. Since its first appearance in Modern Warfare 2, this map has been brought back several times in subsequent Call of Duty installations, such as Modern Warfare 3 and Infinite Warfare.

New Gunfight Map: Pine

Modern Warfare 2019 players are certainly familiar with this map. Pine is an exclusive map for Gunfight mode or what we are more familiar with 2v2 and 1v1. This map is a relatively narrow map and doesn’t have much moving space for Gunfight mode. Pine will enter Gunfight and 1v1 map rotation mode with Saloon, Shipment, and Gulag.

New Specialist Skill: Equalizer

Equalizer is a Specialist Skill that first appeared in Infinite Warfare. This Specialist Skill will give the Player a pair of Machine Guns equipped with 120 bullets with stable recoil when used in full auto. Equalizer is an excellent Specialist Skill in Short and Medium Range with a relatively fast Time to Kill. Players will get an Equalizer for free after leveling up the Battle Pass in Season 10

New Battle Royale Class: Hacker

One of the new additions to Battle Royale mode is Class Hacker. This class can jam the enemy’s Minimap and prevent the enemy from using Class Skills. Hackers also have passive skills that can prevent Radar players from jamming. With the abilities of the Hacker Class, Recon in Battle Royale mode will feel more comfortable and safe.

New Multiplayer Playlist: Hardcore Mode

Who doesn’t know Hardcore Mode? This mode is the beginning of the history of the Call of Duty Competitive scene. In Hardcore mode the weapon will provide greater damage. Player health is also reduced and there is no Health Regeneration. Players must be careful when guessing weapons, because there is a Friendly Fire feature in Hardcore Mode. In the previous installation, Hardcore Mode was present as a separate playlist for Team-based Game Modes, such as TDM, Kill Confirmed, and also Domination.

New Game Mode: Headquarters

Headquarter or King of The Hill is a classic Game Mode which will return in Season 10. In this mode, both teams must capture an Objective such as Hard Point and Domination modes. The team that gets the Objective must defend the Objective from the enemy team, but the Team cannot respawn until the Objective they have is destroyed by the other Team. The first team to get 100 points wins the match.

New Battlepass Content

In addition to free content, the Season 10 Update also presents Exclusive Battlepass content, including Epic Skins from LK24, Echo, XPR-50, and GKS weapons. This Battlepass also offers Epic Character Skin rewards such as Makarov, Mara, Mace, and Outrider. Battlepass Season 10 can be purchased for 320 COD Points.


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