AMD Will Introduce Zen 3 And RDNA 2 On October 2020

AMD’s official Twitter has just posted a photo showing an introduction to the AMD Processor with Zen 3 architecture, and accompanied by the AMD RDNA 2 GPU or as some of us know the AMD Big Navi, Zen 3 and Big Navi will be introduced in the same month but not introduced simultaneously. AMD will introduce Zen 3 on October 8th, then Big Navi will be introduced at the end of October, October 28th.

Not only that, AMD gave a “teaser” via their Twitter in the form of a short video on 2 products that they will introduce in October, you can see the video on AMD Ryzen twitter (@AMDRyzen) for zen 3, then for big navi you can you see on Twitter Radeon RX (@Radeon). or you can see below:

This time it looks like AMD is ready to declare war on GPUs again, because previously we were just greeted by Nvidia with its latest RTX. Will AMD this time in their “Big Navi” be able to compete with their latest Nvidia RTX, we’ll wait for the introduction of AMD Radeon on 28 October.

Is the presence of the latest CPU and GPU from AMD able to compete again in the market ? Especially on their GPU which is predicted to be able to compete with the RTX 3080 later.

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