Final Fantasy XVI Officially Will Be Released On Playstation 5

After going through many rumors about this game, Sony finally confirmed it for all of us. Sony, Square Enix and Creative Business Unit III announced the latest sequel to the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVI. This game will be a single-action RPG and is included in the Playstation exclusive game category. The trailer they provide is taken from a PC they have customized for the PS5.



Final Fantasy XVI is confirmed to be released exclusively on PS5. Gematsu has asked about the PC version because at the event Sony said the game would hit the PC. Square Enix said: “We have no further info on whether the game will be out for anything other than the PS5.”

We still think this statement has not yet confirmed the PC version that they have conveyed at the event. One proof of this is that Final Fantasy XV which was “exclusive” has finally entered the PC as well.

There are several messages from Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Takai regarding Final Fantasy XVI for fans who are waiting for this. According to Yoshida, the games they have featured are a fraction of the hard work of their team for a new version of Final Fantasy. Their team has also gotten bigger with some of the core members still refining and making this game for you to feel both from the story and gameplay.

Hiroshi Takai, who is the director of this game, shared his experiences when he was young and playing Final Fantasy I. Takai was finally able to become a part of Square Enix during the development of Final Fantasy V. Hiroshi Takai has also helped in the development of Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI.

Takai shared how they adapted the new environment for the game’s development to take place. From trying to understand the PS5 architecture while going through the challenges. According to him, this game will be very worthy for you to wait.

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