Spellbreak Reaches 5 Million Players

When it was first announced as alpha version, Proletariat tried to present a unique battle royale nuance with Spellbreak. Instead of using a rifle like a similar genre game, Spellbreak uses a magic gauntlet with about six elements that can be controlled. Starting from fire, wind, ice, lightning, rock, and poison.

Interestingly, these six elements can be combined to provide even more devastating damage and effects. Each Spellbreak player will also be equipped with talents and runes that can help them actively and passively.

This uniqueness is apparently very popular with players who are tired of the same battle royale. This is evidenced by the achievement of about 2 million players five days since the game was released. Now, Spellbreak seems to have broken a new record towards the end of September 2020.

Through its official twitter account, Proletariat announces that Spellbreak has reached 5 million players from all over the world. This game is dominated by players in the United States, Japan, and Brazil.

With the high number of hours watched on Twitch which reaches 4 million hours and 25 billion damage that has been done by each player, Spellbreak is one phenomenon that is not funny like similar games. However, it is unclear whether it will become a new trend in the battle royale genre given the less festive reception and favored by certain groups.

Spellbreak can now be played on PC (via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game has a crossprogression and crossplay system, in other words, players can enjoy it without being confused about choosing any platform.

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