The Game Award 2020 Held Online in December

An annual prestigious gaming event, The Game Awards will return soon this year. Events that present a competitive flavor among game developers will always be awaited and are able to increase the enthusiasm of gamers.

Confirmed through his Twitter account, The Game Awards officially announced that the event would be held on December 10, 2020. Uniquely, the event will be divided into various studios from various countries. The event will be broadcast via studios in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo, where it will be broadcast for free on 45 streaming platform services.

The Game Awards have also confirmed that they will be attending live instead of a pre-record so that the event will be more exciting to follow and watch. They have also planned something innovative to give to gamers at this year’s The Game Awards.

Even though the event will be held without a live audience, the attention that will be presented seems to be the same, especially with many game events this year besides The Game Awards which are also held online, but they are able to bring such high attention to gamers even though they are only limited to an event. just online.

Who do you think will win the title of game of the year 2020 ? Let’s wait and watch the show later on December 10th 2020.

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