Dynasty Warriors Mobile Game

The name Dynasty Warriors has become a hot news recently, where Koei Tecmo as the owner of the hack and slash game series announced the latest mobile version of the game.

Previously, Koei Tecmo had promised at least 2 game projects to be presented. The first project itself was previously announced by Koei, Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires which is the original version of Dynasty Warriors 9, while the second project is in accordance with the predictions of gamers, namely Dynasty Warriors Mobile.

This mobile game was announced live through the Tokyo Game Show 2020 event. During the show, Koei showed footage of single-player gameplay, with portrait and landscape gameplay and touch-based controls. like Dynasty Warriors in general, players can use different warriors in the middle of battle. The Warriors can carry out the explosive and powerful attacks that this game series should have.

The good news is, this latest mobile version title allows players to be able to play together with other players in co-op or even in versus mode. Koei Tecmo itself has planned a beta test which will be presented to the Japanese market in October, while the release date has not been announced. Reporting from IGN, Koei Tecmo himself will consider releasing the mobile game globally.

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