Upcoming Big 2020 Steam Sale Date

If you hear the phrase “Steam Sales”, the first thing that comes to mind is the big discount and Steam. On September 29th, SteamDB announced 3 dates for the big “Steam Sales” event for 2020.

“Steam Sales” itself is an event to find discounts on games that we really want from Steam. If we look at the tradition every year, Valve rarely announces their events to the public. Usually they always keep announcements secret until 1 week before the event starts.

A few weeks ago, Pavel Djundik (Owner SteamDB) also gave an idea that Valve was working on a bidding system for their items. This system had appeared in 2014 through the Holiday Auction event.

We cannot guess further whether they will reuse this system using gems or not. Gems itself is a feature of Valve to convert your unused items into gems. You can exchange this item for a Steam Booster Pack, which contains Steam Trading Cards.

There is a possibility that the bidding system will be implemented by Valve in their Steam Point Shop. They just announced this feature during Summer Sale 2020 and it is useful for converting the results of your game purchases into points. You can use these points to get interesting emotes / backgrounds / avatars from the Steam Point Shop.

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