Apex Legends Crossplay Starting in October 2020

Since the announcement that Apex Legends will get crossplay with PC and console, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t talked about it further. They actually released several content updates, one of which was the season 6 game which added Rampart as a new legend.

Respawn Entertainment announced that the crossplay feature of Apex Legends will start in early October. He will attend at the same time as the Aftermarket Collection event. The event will present several new cosmetic items as well as unique heirlooms like Caustic’s, namely the big hammer.

Aftermarket Collection will also present super unique skins for several legends. One of them is Revenant, who finally got a master thief skin with a hood. The Aftermarket Collection event is planned to be released at Apex Legends on October 6th 2020 along with the crossplay feature.


Not only that, the event will also present a limited mode, namely Flashpoint. In this mode, there will be several points on the map marked by a spherical energy shield. Entering it will add HP and shield for each player.

Interestingly, there won’t be any regeneration items in this mode. Making all of these areas will be the point of intense warfare. In addition, the ring will continue to run non-stop in that mode. Making fierce fighting inevitable.

Talking about crossplay, this feature will work like a crossplay feature in general. Players can invite their friends to join the party or friendlist. However, matchmaking will only be limited to the console. Respawn explained that they didn’t want to combine the PC player and console in one place to make it fairer.

Unfortunately Respawn didn’t say anything about the release of the Nintendo Switch and Steam versions. But they promised to announce it in the near future.

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