256GB SSD Is No Longer Fit For COD: Modern Warfare

Given the fact that the game’s file size has literally become one of the biggest issues for gamers today, and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare title has proven to be one of the worst offenders. Many players worry that the game file size is getting bigger, maybe even bigger than the storage space itself.

The game has grown quite a bit since its release a year ago, with post-launch for the following season adding many additional new updates such as new maps, modes, weapons and customization options, as well as its branch of the battle royal game Call of Duty: Warzone. All of this content has soared Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s file size that it can’t fit on a 250GB SSD anymore.

These concerns have come true, with Call of Duty in its latest report measuring at least 1 piece of 250GB SSD storage space, even these components are unable to store the latest update files from the COD MW game. This means that the game’s file size has exceeded more than 250GB, this disappointment was shown by one of the gamers in his post via the BattleNonSense Twitter account which showed that his SSD was unable to accommodate the update files from the Call of Duty: Warfare game.

Through this post, many other gamers have expressed their complaints to Activision as the publisher regarding the game’s file size which has increased, even some gamers have chosen to delete the game. This might happen because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare itself has game branches in it including Warzone, so some gamers want to lighten files by releasing two or three of the games in it to be released separately, so that players can choose the game they really want to play.

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