Mihoyo Censor The Words “Taiwan” And “Hong Kong” In The Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has been released globally on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms. The game has been downloaded 17 million times on Mobile. After getting great success in their release, they also of course follow the existing regulations. One journalist found that Genshin Impact had censored the words “Taiwan” and “Hong Kong”.

According to Kazuma Hashimoto (Journalist + Translator RPGSite & Siliconera), Genshin Impact has censored the words “Taiwan” and “Hong Kong” so that he will not play the game again.

Hashimoto also provided video evidence of the censorship via his Twitter account. This censorship occurred due to tensions between China and Taiwan in the past few years. Apart from that, PC Gamers also found some words that they have censored such as “Putin”, “Hitler” and “words”.

Daniel Ahmad (Senior Analyst Niko Partners) has responded to this through his Twitter account. According to him, Mihoyo carried out the censorship because they were developers from China and they also certainly had to follow the existing regulations and laws in that country. This actually happened when one of the professional Hearthstone game players (Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai) was suspended for supporting the Hong Kong protest.

Ahmad also provided a report from Niko Partners showing Chinese regulations in their gaming world. Some of these regulations do not actually apply outside of China, but this regulation will create problems for Chinese developers who release their games globally.

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