Kimi No Nawa [Review]

Anime lovers obviously know who Makoto Shinkai is. Makoto Shinkai is a Japanese director, writer, producer, animator and cinematographer who has produced many film that are loved by many people, not only anime lovers but also people in general. One of Makoto Shinkai’s recent works is the film Kimi no Nawa or in English means Your Name.


Kimi no Nawa tells about the life of a girl named Mitsuha Miyamizu and a boy named Taki Tachibana. Mitsuha is a child from the village while Taki lives in the middle of Tokyo. Sometimes they dream like they are exchanging souls, but over time the dream feels more real. When they realized that the two of them were not dreaming, they began keeping a diary to report on the events they had experienced while exchanging places. One day, this exchange phenomenon stopped. Feelings of anxiety and love that arise in the heart make them try to find each other’s existence.

This story is said to be inspired by an old tale in Japan that tells the story of two brothers and sisters. Because of his personality, the boy is raised like a girl while the girl is raised like a boy. In addition to fairy tales, there are also poems about dreams that inspire elements in which they both exchange after awakening from sleep, like people who dream. This familiar story theme has succeeded in making Kimi no Na wa well received by Japanese viewers.

Stunning Visual

Like Makoto Shinkai’s previous films, Kimi no Nawa presents a very beautiful visualization of animation. Each scene that is displayed makes us look like a painting with a stunning view. Almost all of the background that is visible is drawn based on real objects in Japan. All parts ranging from objects to backgrounds are made in great detail. Starting from buildings in urban areas, grass in the fields, even small objects on the table. What’s more, each object is adjusted to the applicable time. For example, the smartphone used by the main character. From the objects that are used, we can see the time transition that runs.

When shown in natural scenery, we can see the coloring of each element that is very natural, like a photo taken by a professional photographer. Not only that, the emotions of each character can be felt only by watching their movements. With such amazing animations, I don’t think it would be surprising if so many people compared Makoto Shinkai’s work with the animated film from Studio Ghibli.

Beautiful Soundtrack

From the whole film, every melody and song feels right to fill every scene. Each emotion displayed such as sadness and happiness of the character can be conveyed well to the audience thanks to the help of the soundtrack. The soundtrack of the anime Kimi No Nawa is filled by the band RADWIMPS. RADWIMPS brought 4 songs into this film, namely, Sparkles, Nandemonaiya, Zenzenzense, and Yumetourou. Its very precise placement in the film makes us able to enjoy music and stories at the same time.

Unique Ending

Ending in the film Kimi No Nawa can be said hanging, and not sure whether this is a happy ending or sad ending. Kimi No Nawa gives an ending that will make you think. Kimi No Nawa ending is an implicit type ending that will make the audience wonder what will happen next. If the audience does not understand the ending of a film, it will be certain that the audience will watch the film again in order to understand or see an explanation from the internet. With the ending that makes you have to pay attention to every detail that is available throughout the film, it is no surprise that Kimi no Nawa has gained such a large audience.

Overall, Kimi No Nawa is one of the best animated films released in 2016. Many surprises that occur and some plottwitst that makes the story beyond the audience’s expectations. In a short span of time, Kimi no Nawa has won so many nominations from various awards.


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